Spectrum of Practice
About the doctor

Does Dr. Berman take insurance?

Dr. Berman is an out-of-network provider.  Please call your insurance company to find out their out-of-network mental health coverage and contact Dr. Berman to discuss payment options.

How long are therapy sessions? Psychological evaluations?

Your initial therapy consultation session will last 1 hour. Subsequent sessions are 45 minutes.  Length of pychological evaluations depends on the referral question. Cognitive/IQ tests take 1-2 hours, but a full battery of psychological testing usually occurs over the course of 2 days.

How often do I have to attend therapy sessions?

Generally, therapy occurs on a weekly basis and session frequency decreases depending on progress. However, in times of crises there may be two sessions a week &/or phone contact to address needs.

How long will I be in therapy?

Treatment length is variable due to the differences in complexity and severity of presenting issues. However, by using cognitive behavioral techniques and teaching adaptive coping skills, Dr. Berman seeks to empower clients so that they can deal with problems on their own and will not need to remain in treatment for years. Yet it is also recognized that some people benefit from periodic short-term returns to treatment and there are some who choose to continue coming for longer periods to engage in supportive therapy after initial treatment periods have been completed.

Is there a waiting list?

Dr. Berman is typically able to see you for an initial consultation within 1 week of your first inquiry.

What if I am reluctant to share my personal life with someone?

It is quite common to feel nervous about talking to a person you've just met about your inner thoughts and feelings. Also, many people still think that going for therapy means that they will be labeled as "crazy" or "sick". However, please call or send an e-mail to Dr. Berman to discuss your concerns. Doing this will not cost you anything other than a few minutes of your time and you do not have to schedule an appointment if you are not ready to do so, but you will have the opportunity to discuss your reservations.

I think my child/adolescent needs therapy. How do I go about getting this?  What if my child/adolescent refuses to see a therapist?

Children and adolescents being reluctant to talk about their issues with an adult, particularly one they don't know, is not uncommon. Some even continue to experience difficulty sharing after several weeks of treatment. Therefore, it is recommended that parents discuss this during the initial phone call &/or meeting so that their concerns can be immediately addressed and a plan can be made to deal with this from the onset.

What is the process to arrange a custody evaluation?

Have your attorney or the Court contact Dr. Berman directly to arrange a custody evaluation.